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Tissue Tek Autowrite Cassette Printers

Tissue Tek Autowrite Cassette Printers


Sakura Finetek has innovated the way to print cassettes in the histology and cytology laboratory by introducing the new and improved version of the Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite®. Start using the Tissue-Tek AutoWrite in your laboratory and experience the convenience of fully automated and reliable labelling of your cassettes... just by connecting them to a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or a stand alone computer. The Windows® printer driver technology enables Tissue-Tek AutoWrite Printers to be connected to any Windows based program or LIMS.
Tissue-Tek AutoWrite offers you:
 • Unmatched printing quality with the new and improved printing system
 • Different type/different colour cassettes printed simultaneously
 • Two-dimensional bar coding for easy and reliable identification of cassettes
 • Convenient loading with the stacked cassettes, offered in all colours and types
 • Fast unloading with an unload module
 • Continuous printing during the day


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