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Tissue Transfering



Milestone has offered a line of Vacuum Transfer Systems for biospecimens since 2009, which work to directly overcome this issue. These systems allow for the preservation of “fresh” vacuum-sealed specimens and constantly monitor both the temperature and the time of the specimens, from the surgery suite to the laboratory.

The fixation step is a crucial step to grant reliable IHC and Molecular biology studies, and with Milestone’s vacuum transfer systems, labs are better able to control and monitor this step.

With TissueSAFE Plus and SealSAFE, pathology laboratories are able to finally take back full control of the fixation process. This process can now be started and ran under documented conditions and supervised by the laboratory staff. These systems allow for the elimination of formalin exposure, a carcinogenic, from the surgery theatres and labs. Since January 1st 2016, formalin has been listed as a class B1 carcinogenic and laboratories should not spare efforts to limit or avoid its open use in both the OR and AP.


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