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Sakura Products

Tissue-Tek® Prisma Plus & Tissue-Tek® Glas™ g2

Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus & Tissue-Tek® Glas™ g2 provides high reliability, user convenience and flexibility in staining and glass coverslipping. One system for routine and special staining, with Integrated Track & Trace with barcode reading.
Optimised consistent high quality
Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus & Tissue-Tek Glas g2 enables optimised and consistent high quality routine and special staining. Slide-to-slide consistency results in crisp images with clear morphological and nuclear detail. Quality is further enhanced with optimised protocols and specialised Sakura application support. Integrated track & trace capability through slide barcode reading enhances laboratory quality assurance. Determine the status of slides real-time and stay in control.
Increased efficiency and reliability
Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus & Tissue-Tek Glas g2 provides unmatched staining and glass coverslipping turn around time improvement with 360 slides per hour. The system enables an efficient workflow with continuous loading and unloading capabilities.The Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus is the most flexible multiple stainer on the market, with a wide range of configurations or routine and special staining. The availability of three different volume reagent reservoirs optimises reagent usage and decreases operating costs. Mechatronics™ mechanism prevents any damage to the cover glass or tissue and guarantees bubble free slides.
Enhance user convenience with Tissue-Tek® Glas™ g2 Coverslips & Easy Holders. These pre-filled coverslip holders enable quick and easy refilling of glass coverslips.
Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus & Tissue-Tek Glas g2 offer you:
 - Improved quality, efficiency and user friendliness
 - Rapid glass coverslipping with 360 slides per hour
 - One system for routine and special staining
 - Integrated track & trace and slide identification with barcode reading
 - An air bubble free result through Mechatronics mechanism

Throughput: 360 slides per hour
Dimensions: W x D x H 200 x 71 x 75 cm
Weight: 260 kg
Loading: Up to 60 slides
Unloading: Up to 240 slides

Specifications Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus Slide Stainer
Capacity: 660 slides
Dimensions: W x D x H 125 x 71 x 63 cm
Weight: 150 kg
Number of reservoirs
Start: 1 to 3 stations
Reagent: 31 to 51 reservoirs
Drying: 0 to 2 stations
Wash: 0 to 4 stations (8 programmable steps)
Heating (optional): 2 stations
Reagent volume: 160, 260 and 680 mL
Staining protocols: 11 runs continuously loading, and
                                     simultaneously running
Baskets: 10- or 20-slide basket
Loading: Up to 60 slides per run
Drying station: 30 ~ 65°C
Heating station: 30 ~ 70°C


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