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Tissue Processing

The Tissue-Tek has been designed to privide the laboratory with a pedigree of reliability, ensuring a smooth workflow and predictable turnaround times.


Tissue-Tek VIP6 AI


With the new reagent management system, Sakura sets new standards for reliability, safety and convenience in traditional tissue processing, with the provision of the 6th generation of market leading Tissue-Tek VIP® technology With the Reagent Management System, including 10.8L bulk containers, reagent and paraffin transfer, automated paraffin wax disposal, a solution manager and true intuitive software, Sakura continues to exceed what you expect from the latest generation traditional tissue processors by making the system easier to use, with increased user safety whilst not compromising on high quality processing and reliability.The addition of unmatched features, to the most reliable traditional tissue processor, will give increased value to the process and operations of your laboratory.
The Tissue-Tek VIP 6 AI Vacuum Infiltration Processor offers you:
 - Confidence of gold standard technology
 - Validated protocols providing results of ultimate quality
 - Exceptional patient-sample and staff safety
 - Outstanding reliability and longevity


Tissue-Tek VP1


Sakura Finetek has been providing high quality and reliable tissue processing for more than 50 years, worldwide. The Histo-Tek® VP1™ uses Sakura’s know-how to give users high quality tissue processing simply and safely.


Tissue-Tek Xpress x120

The advanced automation of the Tissue-Tek Xpress® Continuous Rapid Tissue Processor continues with the next generation of the Xpress platform: the Tissue-Tek Xpress® x120. The only rapid tissue processor that actually speeds up the process. With the improved reagent system, enhanced QC possibilities and software options, the histopathology laboratory will achieve new levels of speed in processing, with an hourly throughput of up to 120 specimens. The Tissue-Tek Xpress x120 uses an innovative, low-wattage microwave technology,improved, molecularfriendly reagents and traditional vacuum infiltration techniques to provide consistent, superior results in record time. The speed and continuous throughput of the Tissue-Tek Xpress x120 allow an even distribution of cases throughout the day, making workloads more manageable. Specimen slides now make their way to the pathologist faster than ever, enabling same-day diagnosis and thus drastically reducing patient stay and anxiety.In addition, the process without formalin and xylene employed by the Tissue-Tek Xpress x120 adds a crucial advantage to the field of molecular pathology. The Tissue-Tek Xpress x120 reagents preserve DNA, RNA and proteins in the paraffin block, eliminating the need to use fresh tissue for molecular studies. The reagents provide excellent morphology, sharp nuclear detail and crisp cellular images equal to or better than conventional tissue processing. Compatible with special staining and immunohistochemistry methods, these reagents can often eliminate the need for antigen retrieval.
The Tissue-Tek Xpress x120 is the only platform offering you:
 - Consistent processing in 1 hour
 - An efficient, manageable, continuous workflow
 - Same day results by real reduction of turn-around time
 - Reduction of reagent usage up to 80%
 - Formalin- and xylene-free fixation and processin 



The Microwave Multifunctional Tissue Processor

Rapid multifunctional microwave tissue processor
A state-of-the-art, multifunctional microwave tissue processor, the KOS is ideally suited as a complement to the existing capabilities found in histology laboratories, where the multitasking nature of the instrument can enhance and accelerate many of the typical applications encountered.
 - High definition color monitor
 - USB port to upload-download data
 - Touch-screen, 8” color terminal
 - Removable, stainless steel tray for extra bench space
 - Connection to fume extraction system
 - Built-in regenerable charcoal filter


The First All-In-One Hybrid Tissue Processor


  - Fully automated processing in overnight and rapid mode
  - Parallel processing in continuous flexible-size batch mode
  - Up to 140 cassettes with 1 gallon standard reagent containers
  - Up to 210/300 cassettes with 5 liter reagent containers
  - Any type of tissue, up to 5mm thickness in split rack (140/210) or  random basket rack (300)
  - Any type of tissue, up to 8mm thickness in super mega cassettes rack  (24)


Logos One
Fully Automated Innovative Tissue Processor

Fully automated processing and embedding in one unit
During the day, LOGOS One can run urgent biopsies in a short time as a fully automated unit. Molten wax is automatically transferred to and from the processing retort for the impregnation step.During the night, LOGOS One can run protocols as an advanced and resistant heated processor. Improved operations are carried out through xylene-free protocols with only four reagents: formalin, ethanol, isopropanol and wax. It also has an optional delayed start mode, with a desired completion time set by the user, to allow additional fixation time, if needed.


Logos J
Fully Automated Innovative Tissue Processor

Improving the workflow of the laboratory
In today’s histology labs, the workload consists approximately of 35-50% small biopsies (below 3 mm) and 40-50% surgical specimens. Transplant, STAT, Bone Marrows and urgent biopsies that require a rapid turnaround time are a minority of the total workload. This small number of biopsies interferes with the routine workflow of the laboratory and large capacity conventional tissue processors do not fulfill the requirements for the speed and flexibility.
 - Results within 50-60 minutes for stat, urgent or transplant biopsies.
 - A fully automated Bone Marrow Processor for turnaround time in less  than 24 hours.
 - For specific specimens: prostate, skin, gastric.
 - For biopsies up to 3mm to level out the workload in the lab.
 - For HER-2, ER, PgR according to ASCO-CAP guidelines.


A Fully Automatic System to Fit Your Workflow

Innovative hybrid processing technology
PATHOS Delta is the result of Milestone’s 20 years of know-how in applying microwaves to tissue processing.
It provides the ideal combination of automatic processing performance, reagent efficiency and environmental sensitivity, with the morphology and quality that you expect.
PATHOS Delta dual retort tissue processor never moves paraffin wax, resulting in the tissue processor with the highest uptime by design. It runs xylene-free, eliminating solvent degradation of the paraffin. Long reutilization of paraffin wax, along with reduced consumption of reagents overall, delivering a dramatic cost saving.
 - Fully automated processing in overnight and rapid mode
 - Customized reagents type and sequence
 - Up to 300 standard cassettes or up to 24 supermega cassettes
 - Any type of tissue, up to 5mm thickness in split rack (140/210) or  random basket rack (300)
 - Any type of tissue, up to 8mm thickness in supermega cassettes rack (24)


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