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Tissue Processing

Logos J

Logos J

Fully Automated Innovative Tissue Processor

Improving the workflow of the laboratory
In today’s histology labs, the workload consists approximately of 35-50% small biopsies (below 3 mm) and 40-50% surgical specimens. Transplant, STAT, Bone Marrows and urgent biopsies that require a rapid turnaround time are a minority of the total workload. This small number of biopsies interferes with the routine workflow of the laboratory and large capacity conventional tissue processors do not fulfill the requirements for the speed and flexibility.
 - Results within 50-60 minutes for stat, urgent or transplant biopsies.
 - A fully automated Bone Marrow Processor for turnaround time in less than 24  hours.
 - For specific specimens: prostate, skin, gastric.
 - For biopsies up to 3mm to level out the workload in the lab.
 - For HER-2, ER, PgR according to ASCO-CAP guidelines.


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