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Our Services

We provide our consultancy,educational,and technical services

Arman Novin Shafa co. ltd. is representing the medical line of Milestone S.r.l. Italy and the entire range of pathological devices of Sakura Finetek since 20 years ago.

We provide our consultancy, educational, and technical services to the medical laboratories in hospitals, medical universities, research and development centers, and private medical laboratories.

Arman Novin Shafa co. with its highly qualified and experienced team in business development, marketing, sales, post sales services is quite well known and a reliable partner in the Medical lab and histopathology sector of Iran.

Arman Novin Shafa co. has owned a significant market share in the Iranian histopathological field due to its high standards services, which are complying with international and local regulations and values.

We are proud to provide you with our services in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality.

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Arman Novin Shafa Co.LTD.
Unit 11, 3rd Floor, Sepidar Building, Kavoosifar Avenue, North Sohrevardi Street
Postal Code : 1577655737
Tehran, Iran