Tissue Processing

Pathos Delta

Pathos Delta

A Fully Automatic System to Fit Your Workflow

Innovative hybrid processing technology
PATHOS Delta is the result of Milestone’s 20 years of know-how in applying microwaves to tissue processing.
It provides the ideal combination of automatic processing performance, reagent efficiency and environmental sensitivity, with the morphology and quality that you expect.
PATHOS Delta dual retort tissue processor never moves paraffin wax, resulting in the tissue processor with the highest uptime by design. It runs xylene-free, eliminating solvent degradation of the paraffin. Long reutilization of paraffin wax, along with reduced consumption of reagents overall, delivering a dramatic cost saving.
 - Fully automated processing in overnight and rapid mode
 - Customized reagents type and sequence
 - Up to 300 standard cassettes or up to 24 supermega cassettes
 - Any type of tissue, up to 5mm thickness in split rack (140/210) or random basket  rack (300)
 - Any type of tissue, up to 8mm thickness in supermega cassettes rack (24)


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